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for me, the one He’d written from before time (Eph. 2:10).  being used today. I thought before answering. Of course it is
        I  began to see  how much  selfishness  was in  my desire  to  fulfilling, but not nearly so much as knowing that I heard my                             The Reach of The HOPE - How & Where It Is Used
        create that blockbuster film. I knew I had to use everything  Father and followed His storyline for my life! That is fulfilling in
        He had entrusted to me for the purpose of helping to bring the  a way that words cannot describe.                                                        To understand the ministry of The HOPE, it is first helpful to be aware of these two things.
        unreached nations to the throne of the Lamb!                                                                                                             a) The HOPE is not an entertainment product. It is an adaptable and versatile media tool. By
                                                                Many Stories into One: His Body on Earth - I am aware that what
        That is soil in which the seeds for our video, The HOPE, were  is happening with The HOPE is not the result of my creativity                             definition, a tool is a device used to perform a particular function. Some tools can be used
        planted. And to be clear, The HOPE is unlike any movie I  and hard work. It is the result of the sovereign Spirit of God,                                to perform multiple functions. Many people have a “go-to” tool, like a favorite kitchen knife.
        would have ever created on my own. It violates many of the  working in and through many others in the Body of Christ. This   For many Christian workers around the world, The HOPE has become a “go-to” ministry tool. b) The power of The HOPE does
        principles I learned in film school. It is essentially the result  includes those on staff at Mars Hill and their families. Each one   not come from its production value (technical and stylistic merits.) The power comes from the script, which is essentially God’s
        of what missionaries around the world told us they needed,  has chosen to let God line up their personal stories with His   redemptive story from creation through Christ. It is the Gospel, “... the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes
        an overview of God’s redemptive story from creation through  grand story. This also includes our board and the many people   ...” - Romans 1:16. That said, these are some of the ways The HOPE has been used around the world in 2018 . . .
        Christ. But the proof of its value is as they say, “in the pudding.”  who have faithfully prayed for and given to our work with The
        There are over 70 translations/adaptations in use around the  HOPE. Such choices often come with a sacrifice. Sometimes    •  HOPE on World Wide Web - Our main website,, now streams The HOPE in 25 languages and
        world with over 25 new translations in process. Of all these  a dream or desire must be released to make way for a better                          provides a 65-lesson study guide in several of these languages. This site has received visitors from
        translations, Mars Hill has initiated only about a dozen. All the  one. What is happening with The HOPE is only possible as                        every country in the world. In addition to our main site, many of our ministry partners have created
        others are the result of missionaries and ministries who have  many people are willing to pursue God’s story for their lives,                      websites and apps that bring The HOPE to the language groups they are working to reach.
        approached us requesting a translation for the people group  and He weaves many stories into one!                                                  Last year, one of our partners put up a Facebook page in the main language of one of the most
        they are working to reach. And the requests continue to come!
                                                                Jesus’s Story: Our Example - Even Jesus submitted Himself                                  populated Muslim countries in the world. This page streams video clips of the 36 Biblical events
        Sure, there have been many moments when my resolve to  to the script the Father had written for Him. Several times in                              that make up The HOPE. Several clips have been viewed by millions of people. Tens of thousands
        follow His storyline for my life has been tested. With the current  the book of John we see that Jesus did not act or speak on                     of people have posted comments on these clips. Replying to these posts, our partners begin online
        wave of “Christian films” in the mainstream marketplace, I am  His own initiative, but rather He came to do the will of the                        conversations about Jesus. This has been a very fruitful strategy! We are now working with other
        constantly reminded of the dream I once held dear. But I can  Father (John 4:34, 5:30, 6:38, 8:28, 8:42, 12:49, 14:10) We                          partners to set up Facebook pages for their language groups.
        also remember very clearly the morning that our Father showed  read in First Peter 2:23-24 that, “. . . while being reviled, He did
        me that I will have eternity to explore new creative endeavors,  not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but                 •  HOPE for International Students - There are now more than 1 million International students
        but I can only follow this storyline now. The type of Christian  kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously; and                        in the U.S. The nations have come to our doorstep! Many ministries continue to use The HOPE in
        films that are now finding an audience in North America would  He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we                       their outreach to International students. Many of these students will return to their countries after
        not work with tribal groups on the Amazon or with those living  might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds                      coming to faith in Christ and having been trained to share their faith with others.
        in closed access Muslim countries. In fact, they would not  you were healed.” Had Jesus not followed the storyline the
        work with most of the world’s unreached people groups. (To  Father had written from before time, even to death, we would                           •  HOPE for Those Learning English - Billions of people around the globe are learning English
        better understand why The HOPE is uniquely suited to reach  not know Him today!                                             Gospel Coalition mobile   out of economic necessity. Teaching English as a Second Language is a great bridge for sharing the
        unreached people groups watch our 3.5 minute video at www.                                                                  site w/The Arabic HOPE  Gospel. Read about The ESL HOPE  in “A Never Ending Story of HOPE” - page 4.                                     Your Story – The One He has Written for You  - How about
                                                                you? Is the story you are living out, the one He has written for   •  HOPE in Isolated Places -  Many unreached people groups live in very isolated areas
        Has it been easy to give myself to a storyline I would not have  you? If so, though it may at times be difficult, perhaps even   where there is little or no adequate electricity or access to the Internet. If they are going to be
        written for myself? No! Has it been worth it? Oh yes!!! Not long  very difficult, I assure you that the time will come when you   reached, someone has to go. And when that someone brings The HOPE on a solar powered
        ago, I was telling a friend about the reach of The HOPE. From  will know indescribable fulfillment in our Father’s pleasure. I   video projection system that fits into a backpack, the whole village shows up to watch it! And so
        the analytics on our main website, www.TheHOPEProject.  believe He has created every person to live out a very uniquely    it goes, again and again. Unreached people experience The HOPE. For many it is their first time to
        com, which streams The HOPE video in several languages, we  personal story within His greater story. I know that God doesn’t   see a movie and to hear the Gospel. Some (often many) come to Christ. A Bible study is started
        know this site has received visitors from every country in the  call everyone to be a part of the Mars Hill story and our work   with a missionary pastor returning on a regular basis to lead it. Eventually a village pastor is raised
        world. With all the broadcasts of The HOPE into Latin America  with The HOPE. But I am convinced that each of us is called   up, and a Church is planted!  For a related story, see “The First Believers in Their Village” - page 2.
        and the Middle East, in addition to all of the other types of  to find our personal story within the greater story of His glory!
        distribution around the world, it is very likely The HOPE has  May He live large in you so that you might know the joy of   Some places are politically isolated. People must break the law to share and receive the Gospel,
        been seen by over a billion people. We know of thousands of  walking in the story He has written for you! And may you be   often at great personal risk. In places like this, on Micro SD cards, The HOPE can be shared   Missionary charging up the
        people who have come to Christ after watching The HOPE,  blessed so that you might be a blessing to others and bring       discreetly, copied and distributed widely through the underground Church. Hundreds of thousands   projector on the way to a
        but only God knows how many more there really are.      glory to God!                                                      of copies of The HOPE have been disseminated this way.                               showing in the next village
                                                                                      Until All Have Heard,
        My friend asked if it was fulfilling to know how The HOPE is                   Fred Carpenter - President, Mars Hill                                           •  HOPE from the Heavens - Several times in 2018, The HOPE was broadcast
                                                                                                                                                                       throughout the Middle East, primarily in Farsi and Turkish. Each of these broadcasts
                                                                                                                                                                       goes out to tens of millions of households. Our broadcast partners have secure
        The First Believers            In April, in a remote Bankariya village                                                                                         methods to respond to viewers requesting spiritual help.
                                       in Nepal, one of our ministry partners
                                                                                                                                                                       •  HOPE for the Infirmed - Medical and dental missionaries show The HOPE to
         in Their Village              showed The Nepali HOPE on a                                                                  HOPE from above knows no bounds!   people waiting to see a doctor. Doctors have told us that one of their greatest joys in
                                       solar powered video projector. The
                                                                                                                                                                       these situations is talking with patients about what they saw in The HOPE.
                                       Bankariya are an unreached people
                                       group of about 500 people. They live
        in several small villages. Excited to see the movie, Lalita invited her father                                             •  HOPE for Refugees - Because they are often traumatized, vulnerable and ready for a new start, refugees can be very open
        to join her. After viewing The HOPE, they both gave their lives to Jesus!                                                  to the love of Jesus and the Word of God. Several of our partners use The HOPE to lead refugees to know and grow in Him.
        Our partner told us Lalita and her father are the very first Believers in
        their village. From the map at the right, the labeled red dot in the top                                                   •  HOPE in the Hands of His People - Some of our favorite stories come from individual Christ followers who simply have a
        left corner represents the Bankariya. The other red dots represent other                                                   passion to lead others come to Christ. Danny had a 2018 goal to share the Gospel by giving out 30 HOPE DVDs every month.
        unreached people groups! This is why we contiunue to do what we do!                                                        Since 2009, he has given out 609 DVDs! Mike’s story with The HOPE is inspiring! Read it on page 4, “15 Years of HOPE.”

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